How to survive the first day


  1. Craft a stick.
  2. Find food.
  3. Craft a campfire and kitchen.
  4. Craft clothes from reed and beetle shells.
  5. Craft a tent and fill it with gems.
  6. Set up Offline resting at the campfire and fill it with small snacks.
  7. You can hunt rabbits, chicken or geese for meat. Hunting can be a bit tricky and you might need a dash skill (Reed Gambeson) or a Boomerang to catch animals faster than you.
  8. Search for a copper mine to progress further into the game. Look for small cracks in the walls to set the mine up. You can craft a mine entry at a fireplace.
    Further north you can also find tin mines (gives bronze combined with copper) as well as iron and mithril mines.
  9. Watch out, the further north you come the harder the enemies. Also remember to reset your tent (by building and placing a new one) when you travel out of its range, see respawning.


Hint: you can switch off the tutorial in the settings

Hint: At the right side of the screen there is a “?” icon. Klick it to get information about different game aspects: Combat, Controls and UI, [[Offline Play & Crafting], Character needs, Food & Cooking, Offline Play & Crafting, Death and Respawning, and other players.

Tutorial videos

Tutorial: Basics & food
Tutorial: first gear & preparing to travel

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