This is a full-PvP, full-Loot MMOG, so the only thing that really protects you is your skill, speed or the will to cooperate. Not everybody in this world is your friend, but neither is everybody your enemy.



When you die in the game, you usually drop all your gear and get teleported back to the coast. You will not lose any crafting skills.
There are several ways to avoid the downsides of dying at least partly:



You can set up tents to respawn within the tent’s range. This will create a marker on your screen pointing towards the tent and will turn grey when you are out of the tents range.

If you get killed in close tent range (green marker, innermost 5% of the radius) you will be revived at the tent and keep the items you have equipped as well as in your inventory. If the marker is yellow you’ll also respawn at your tent, but only with the gear you have equipped. When respawned you will start with low health and a speed debuff, but regenerate quickly. Each respawn consumes 10 Gems. If you leave no gems in your tent, you respawn at the initial spawn-point at the coast.

Only you can access or destroy your tent. If you build a tent in a new location, your old tent disapprears and any gems in it are transferred to the new tent. This makes your tent the only safe spot in the game to store gems. Leaf tents can hold up to 2000 gems, while cloth tents can hold up to 4000 gems and have a larger respawn range.


Beds work similar to tents, with the difference that they have a much larger respawn range and that they regenerate you to full health. The beds gem storage is separate from your tent, so don’t miss to fill it up. Beds can also hold up to 8000 gems. Beds can only be placed in a living room.


You can set up shrines. You can check in at a shrine by throwing any item in it, a stone or single gem will do. The shrine then will replace the boat as your last respawn fallback, unless the shrine gets destroyed. After respawning at a shrine you have to redo the check-in. If you respawned while offline your AI will automatically log itself out and disappear from the game world to prevent itself from dying without being checked in again (building a shrine is expensive).

Revive Staff (Ankh)

If you have equipped an ankh (off-hand slot), you can revive any close player-ghosts for the cost of 10 gems and 30% of your stamina.

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