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This Wiki concerns the Sandbox MMO ARPG browser videogame Blossom & Decay by german developer Konspiracy Games www.konspiracy.de. The game features top-down 2D graphics with medieval-fantasy style, an action combat system, a survival sandbox in an infinite world and seamless asynchronous play through offline AI. It has a focus on emergent narrative and thus encourages player-driven storytelling, without NPC quests.


The videogame is currently being developed for browser only, but will work on mobile devices and eventually also on consoles. To get an idea of the game concept check out Blossom & Decay's Game Concept

Note: Blossom & Decay is still in early development and not yet released to the open public. Currently is undergoing a closed alpha testing.

Mithril tier town with water-powered and animal-powered machines


Your character and his needs
Death and Respawning
Combat, Controls and UI
Social System
Things to do in the game


Basic Survival
Offline Play & Crafting
Food & Cooking


Equipment & Gear
Items & Resources
Crafting Skills
Wild Monsters

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